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ZhongliHeda (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, which mainly deals inthree sectors, i.e. test equipment marketing, outsourcing testing serviceprovision as well as special lubricating grease marketing. The customer base isdistributed in different industries covering lubricating grease, bearings,automobile parts, railway, universities, etc.

Interms of test equipment marketing, the company currently has entered intoagency agreements with FAG, IAMT and Eurotechnica in Germany, SKF in Austria,and Controlsys in France, and sells and maintains corresponding equipment inChina: Amongst other, Equipment from FAG and SKF are mainly applied toperformance assessment of lubricating grease, which provides technicalassurance to users before final product assembly; IAMT and Controlsys mainlyprovide testing-benches in respect of product performance to automobile partsmanufacturers, for example: Wheel hub and hub bearing, steering system, knucklebearing, automobile generator, starter, engine front-end gear train, etc;Eurotechnica mainly provides solutions for high-pressure equipment such asthose pertaining to supercritical fluid and phase equilibrium.

Interms of outsourcing testing service, whereas many users can't afford highcosting of most test-benches or have minor use frequencies, or because of tighttesting tasks. We persuade these existing users with testing tasks to providecorresponding testing services to industrial peers which demand testing. Interms of lubricating materials testing, we provide complete solutions fromanalysis of physicochemical indexes for performance evaluation, and provideauthoritative inspection reports; In terms of automobile parts testing, we haveentered into strategic cooperation with IAMT in Germany, which can providedomestic customers with testing services for the entire chassis or all partsand components. Authoritative inspection reports are provided as well.

Interms of lubricating grease marketing, we focus on sales of special lubricatinggrease, with current primary partner FAG. Since FAG equipment has rigorousrequirements on actual application performance of lubricating grease, thus theapplication performance evaluation of lubricating grease is subject to rigorousrequirements. And indeed FAG lubricating grease meets those requirements, whichare introduced for satisfying certain customers' special demand.

Zhongli Heda (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.develops in conjunction with partners and cooperate together to achievewin-win. We create value in line with users to enhance competitiveness.

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